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Make your Money Work for you!

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This is the most investor friendly system possible. This system will allow you to manage your own portfolio, and pick your own stocks, but not have you doing it on your own. We will provide you with weekly stock picks, with the specific day you should buy and sell them.

The AEStocks strategy is straightforward and easy to understand. Our unique research methods identify stocks which are highly regarded by analysts as well as stocks expected to issue favorable earnings announcements. When a stock is found which has strong analyst recommendations, is expected to release positive earnings data, and which satisfactorily meets a series of other financial criteria, we expect the price of that stock to rise. By purchasing stocks whose price is expected to rise in the short-term, our clients are able to earn substantial profits.

Our webpage will give you precise instructions as to when to best buy and sell a stock to take advantage of this short-term rise in share price. The goal is for our clients to hold the targeted stock for a short period of time, usually just one or two days, to take advantage of an expected increase in per-share value. This also greatly limits exposure to market fluctuations. Additionally, every subscriber to the site has a 30 day full money back guarantee.

Most people understand that you will get far better returns buying and selling stocks on your own, then by contributing to a mutual fund or other pooled means of investment. The problem arises when you look out at the vast field of available stocks to purchase. How do you decide which ones to buy, and how long to hold them? Which one of the several differing selection methods do you use? Should you study trend analysis, follow the analyst recommendations, or one of the hundreds of others?

Each week on Thursday, AEStocks will post a list of stocks we believe will most likely gain in value over the coming week. Once a stock is posted as a “buy” for the coming week, you should instruct your brokerage to purchase the stock according to our instructions. When more than one stock is posted, as is normally the case, you will have to decide how to best allocate your investment dollars over the available options. Some clients prefer to purchase stocks with prices in the $20-$30 dollar range, others prefer to concentrate on stocks with a lower price-per-share so that they can own more shares, while others will buy equal amounts of each stock pick posted. We expect that each of our picks will perform well, but absolutely no guarantee regarding returns can ever be made by anyone. Investing in stocks carries various levels of risk, and losses as well as gains can be the end result. The picks of AEStocks are only the stocks that we believe have the potential for rapid gains, but they are in no way guaranteed.

Buys Image

The picture above is an actual capture of one of our weekly stock postings. You can clearly see exactly which stock, via the Ticker Symbol, we are recommending. The buy and sell dates are listed, making the site as easy to use as the system itself. Unlike other systems, there is no vagueness to our recommendations. You do not have to keep monitoring a series of calculations or comparing variables. We simply give you the specific recommendations for what stock we think would be good to buy and sell on what dates. The two lines highlighted in red above, are two recommendations that were dropped off of the list after posting. Do to the ever changing market; some picks will drop off from time to time. We closely monitor each recommendation in order to ensure the most up to date site possible.

To begin using AEStocks proven system and make the trades we recommend each week, you need: An active brokerage account, enough assets to begin trading, and a subscription to

It is very important to have an understanding how online trading works, and be familiar with basic terms (market orders, trailing stop orders, margin account, etc). Whichever online brokerage you use to buy and sell stocks, they will have an education center to cover a wide range of investing information. One of the best online sources for investor education is the New York Stock Exchange website. Carefully review the “Investing Options,” “Research Basics,” and “Types of Orders” sections in the Investor Education portion of the site at:

We emphasize how important it is to do your homework before making any investment. AEStocks stands behind every stock pick we post, but it is every client’s individual responsibility to make sure that each investment meets his investment objectives and is consistent with his risk profile.

When investing in the stock market, there are hundreds of factors that affect it daily. We have found that our system will generate a solid cash flow over a period of time, but from time to time losses will be incurred. The results posted on the website are actual returns. The graph demonstrates the gains and losses incurred in the past.